How to use mint in dishes and drinks

Here I have told you about how you can start your veggie garden by keeping mint, and here I have explained to you what you can do to grow more mint plants from the one you already have. Now, if you have (a couple of) mint plants sitting around and you’d like to actually do something with them – because that’s probably the reason why you started all this anyway, right? – read on for some tips on how to use them in food and drinks. Yum! (Don’t forget to wash your mint before you use it.)

Mint tea

Mint tea

By far what I use my mint for most and something I miss dearly from home: mint tea. There is nothing better than ordering a nice, fresh mint tea at a bar or restaurant. Boiled water with some mint branches. One will do, but a couple are more usual. If you like, add some honey. It’s really that simple!


Also, a classic. And a crucial part of a good night out. Organize a house party just to try this delicious recipe from Jamie Oliver if you’re feeling confident. For another cocktail idea with mint, check out this nice recipe by Saveur for a Swedish Mint Julep.

Mint ice cubes

Chop your mint up in tiny pieces and mix it with some water. Let it sit for a while so the water becomes mint-flavoured. Then make ice cubes you can use in any drink. Make sure that you mix a couple of pieces of leaf in every cube to make your drinks look extra cool!

Mint lemonade

This mint water (and these ice cubes) are also a good idea for making lemonade. Just add any kind of fruit you like to your mint water. Lemon is always a good idea, but you could try pineapple or strawberries! For some inspiration: try Food’s Fresh Mint Lemonade.

Sassy water

Put mint, a couple of slices of lemon and lots of slices of cucumber in a bottle or jar and fill it with water (and ice cubes). If you have problems with drinking enough water every day, this will make it easier because your water will now actually have a bit more taste to it.

mint ice cubesFruit salad

Feel free to use whatever kind of fruit you like. I love strawberries, so when they’re in season I probably put them in any salad I make. A red fruit salad is very tasty and you could even add some blueberries or blackberries! Sprinkle some freshly picked, chopped mint leaves over it halibut-shrimp-minted-broth-ck-xand maybe add a bit of honey and enjoy!

Asparagus or fish?

Like asparagus? Try this nice asparagus recipe from Simply Recipes for asparagus with a twist or for a nice fish recipe, check out My Recipes’ halibut and shrimp recipe!

Storing mint

You can freeze the leaves or branches of the plant or dry them to store for later use. Bundle them up and hang them in a dry room that’s warm and has good ventilation. You could also use a dehydrator or the oven (put it very low). Dried leaves should be kept in an air-tight container and they will be good for at least a year.

By the way…

Did you know that there is also chocolate mint, pineapple mint and apple mint? I can’t wait to get my hands on those and see if they are as tasty as they sound!

What is your favorite way to use mint in the kitchen? Share it with us in the comments below!

How to use mint


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