How to grow new mint plants

In my last post How to keep mint plants I have told about how you can keep mint plants. There will come a time where your plant either gets too big or you just want more plants. Now, if your plant is nice and big, there’s no need to run to the store to buy new ones. You can just use your own plant to grow new mint plants. Keep reading to find out how.

Splitting mint plants

Every two or three years, it’s time to split your mint plant. In this amount of time the plant usually becomes as big as the pot it’s kept in. The roots will have too little space and it’s time to take out the entire plant en separate the plant with care. At this point, your plant should actually consist of several small plants, which you can easily plant separately by now. Separating your mint plant regularly (every couple of years) is good for the smell and taste.


Growing new plants

If you want to use your mint plant to grow more plants, you can easily do this by using the branches that you cut off for trimming, but you could also easily just cut off one branch above the first set of leaves, just for this purpose. It isn’t necessary for the branch to have a lot of leaves, just a couple is just fine. It is very difficult to grow mint from the seeds. The best time of year to grow new plants is in the spring or in the fall.

If you have cut a branch just above the first few leaves, put it in a glass of water and wait a week or so until roots are starting to grow. Make sure that there is always enough water in the glass to cover the lowest part of the branch. Wait a couple of days more to make sure that the roots are long enough to be put in soil. It’s time when the roots are a couple of centimeters long.

Place your new mint plant about 5cm deep and, if you’re planting more than one together, keep a distance of about 15cm between every plant. Mind that the pot has to be around 35cm in diameter, and the pH of the soil has to be between 6.0 and 7.0. You don’t need to use extra fertilizer for your mint plant, but if you insist, add a little bit every couple of weeks. You could add some mulch for extra protection for the roots.

Harvesting your mint

When you harvest your mint, which you should usually do between late spring and early autumn, never take more than a third of the leaves of the plant in one harvest. Always let it recover fully before you harvest again. Usually, about three harvests a year is the maximum for mint plants.

Have you ever grown your own, new mint plants? Share your tips in the comments below!




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